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A documentary about Neil Feather.
Now showing at the better film festivals, theaters and DIY spaces
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VG+ Records has released the SOUND MECHANIC soundtrack album on vinyl and download.
For a limited time, you can bundle the soundtrack with Beef Platter's DVD of the documentary.
The DVD includes more than 110 minutes of special features.
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ICEPICK TO THE MOON feature length documentary about Rev. Fred Lane and Raudelunas!!!
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Rakehell / Go Pills - 4-song split 7" (co-released with Three Peas Records)
Available on Bandcamp.


Two long out-of-print Blister Freak Circus albums, now on CD and download for the first time.
Available through Kunaki: Flaming Poet Roadside Pisshole (1993) and Rhapsody In Plaid (1992)

The Jennifers - "Colors From The Future"

Available through CD Baby, Not Lame, or directly from The Jennifers.

Garage Sale - "The Pointless Summer "
Available through Bandcamp, Atomic Books, Mutant Pop, and Vital Music.

(in order of newest to oldest; catalogue # = label intitials, year released, number of release that year)


Feature length documentary about instrument inventor, Neil Feather.
With more than 110 minutes of special features!

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4-song split 7"vinyl


Feature length documentary about Rev. Fred Lane and Raudelunas!!!
With more than 39 minutes 27 seconds of special features!

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BP1601 - RAKEHELL/GO PILLS - 4-song split 7"vinyl
(co-released with Three Peas Records)
(still available)
San Francisco's RAKEHELL and Baltimore's GO PILLS team up to cover each other's songs, and guest on each other's recordings.

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BP0701 - THE JENNIFERS - Colors From The Future
(still available)
11 song CD!!! Wonderfully powerful pop music for fans of XTC, Luna, Television, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Feelies, My Bloody Valentine, and Robyn Hitchcock. Includes "Mrs. Gray", "Landslide", Starfleet Academy", "Lazy Stalker", and a cover of the Soft Boys' "Queen Of Eyes".

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BP9901 - GARAGE SALE – The Pointless Summer
(still available)
18 song CD!!! All original songs. Many of the classic Garage Sale originals get re-recorded in better studios, along with newer songs. This is one wang dang doodle of a party! Includes "Never Wanna B Like U", "Testerossa", "Couples Only", "Aint So Groovy", "One More Time", "Song Of Hope", and "Flight Of The Emu".

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BP9601 - GARAGE SALE - Shark Sandwich
(out of print)
14 surf & garage tunes, some originals and some covers. Includes "Brentless", "Change The Styles", "Queen Of Venus", and more. Visit the official Garage Sale website.


(out of print)
Surf music and garage rock are alive and well! Recorded live to 4 tracks and mixed in glorious mono. Featuring members of Berserk and Frankentractor. Includes "Diamondhead", "Penetration", and "Stingray".

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Vince_Bagli_Experience BP9401 - THE VINCE BAGLI EXPERIENCE
(out of print)
Not long after this came out, this indie-rock trio changed their name to JAG and re-released this on the Nauge label, who then released some of these songs on a 7" and never sent us a copy or made mention of Beef Platter. Screw them! We'd gladly carry that 7" if we could. We found our copy in a clearence bin. Includes "Swirling", "Sweet Movie", and "Start The End".

BP9301 - BLISTER FREAK CIRCUS - Flaming Poet Roadside Pisshole
(cassette - out of print) (CD or download available through Kunaki)
Released in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Blister Freak Circus, this 60 minute/30 song collection collects a handful of previously released tracks with many new tracks, including some featuring the then-new live version of the band. Includes "That's What I Like About Dug", "If You Were My Bagpipe", "Last Week U Luv Me", "He's Mr. Granola", and "Oh God, I Hope She Doesn't Make Me Read Her Poetry".

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Blister_Freak_Circus-Rhapsody BP9202 - BLISTER FREAK CIRCUS - Rhapsody In Plaid
(cassette - out of print) (CD or download available through Kunaki)
"A tale of fame, fashion, and gum disease". This rock opera tells the story of lonely, toothless Joe, who gives up on his life-long dream of being a used-car salesman to pursue a career as a lounge singer. Unable to duplicate the success of his one and only hit song, Joe sinks into a depression where he is tormented by clear metallic robots. Includes "Baby's Gotta Know", "Don't Drool On My Pillow", "He's In The Bathroom Washing His Hands", and "Do You Know Where Joe Is?".
Sick-Sausage BP9201 - SICK - We Smell Sausage
(out of print)
The very first release from a band that would out-last most and grow to legendary status. Sick mixed some Dinosaur Jr. and Neil Young influences with a terrific sense of humor, and ran it all through their own particular brand of garunge-pop. Includes "Babe I Luv Yer Smell", "Zoo Sawng", "Norman", and "Leather Heather".

BP9101 - AZATHOTH - Chomp Chomp Chomp
(out of print)
Bruce Woodey, Don MacIntosh, and Tom Balog make a noisy, weird wall of fun sounds like you would not believe. Includes "Magdelene", "Wobble Head", "Drip Grind", "Pelvic Thing", and "Alright Ed, Ed McKeaver".


BP9002 - PILTDOWN MEN - Tipper Gore Shoots Smack
(out of print)
Eight tunes that cover funk, punk, garage, metal and jazz. "Mudmen with a trumpet" said one crowd member at the 1990 Snoopy Fest. Very powerful with intense production. Comes complete with a 12 page book and 'optical transfusion' special effects toy. Includes "Egg Tooth", "Psychothumbfear", "Cartoon Song", "Poison Tw+nk+e Odyssey", and more.

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BP90001 - BLISTER FREAK CIRCUS - The Last Blister-Jam Of The Eighties
(out of print)
Excerpts of long experimental jam sessions recorded live on the last two New Years Eves of the Eighties, utilizing broken organs, department store racks, cheap metal shelving, and all assortments of noise-making devices. Includes "The Shelf", "Paint The Sheets", "Songs To Ignore", and more.


BP8902 - BERSERK - Gonna Save The World From Danger
(out of print)
Seven studio tracks and four live ones. This three-piece plays energetic, upbeat garage rock with some Buzzcocks/Ramones/Stooges/MC5/Mudhoney/Kiss influences. Includes "Funhouse Teeth", "Giant Robots", "My Love Is So Big", and more.

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Blister_Freak_Circus-Pink_Tape BP8901 - BLISTER FREAK CIRCUS - "The Pink Tape"
(out of print)
A year after THE MARRYSS & CHEESEY JANE forms, they change their name, put this collection together, and take it on a small promo tour of California in an effort to get signed by a bigger label (it didn't work but they got to go to Disneyland and play at Venice Beach). This features tracks from MARRYSS and GNEEBNAZIX, plus new tracks including excerpts from the rock opera "Blech" (about a boy born with his head inside-out who grows up to be a rock star and father many illegitimate children), and the award-winning worst version of "Sweet Jane". Not to mention "My Little Pickle Love Song", "Jimmy's Got A Hangnail", "Glasshead", and "Cheese Tweezer". Every cover hand-decorated... no two alike!
Confuscious_Necktie BL8802 - CONFUCIOUS NECKTIE
(out of print)
A collection of recordings made while the band was still together. During their existence they managed to keep most of their identities a secret from their audiences and themselves… unfortunately they broke up before they gained enough fame to make their gimmick worth doing. Features studio, live, and reunion recordings including "Grate Expectations", "Five Is A Four Letter Word", and "March Of The One-Legged Bunnies".
Marryss_And_Cheesy_Jane BP8801 - THE MARRYSS AND CHEESEY JANE - Livertaffy
(out of print)
This release was the result of Gneebnazix teaming up with Pre-Fetal Pigs maniac, Meatpole, to record a mostly-spontaneous collection of songs. Includes "The Story Of Jake's Right Thumb", "Waterlogged", "Sousafraid Of The Cheesey Jane?", and more.
Eskay_Izezy BL8704 - ESKAY IZEZY - Flowers, Fog & Wire
(out of print)
A collection of cosmic, twisted, pretty or spooky recordings made as experiments every time a new piece of equipment was introduced to Beef Studio.
Gneebnazix_Foul_Turkey BL8703 - GNEEBNAZIX - Foul Turkey Dilemma
(out of print)
This 4th Gneebnazix release is a collection of out-takes and embarrassing tracks, left-overs, and other things that just didn't fit anywhere else. This release is based on a factual incident involving what happens when you leave something in the fridge for too long… you eventually are force to get it out. Includes "Burger", "Bad Jazz", "Morning Voice", "Cheesecake", "Sponges Know Where I Live", "Critics", and more.
Slug_Log_3-Shout_At_The_Pickle BL8702 - SLUG LOG 3 - Shout At The Pickle
(out of print)
The long awaited "not-just-a-best-of, it's-practically-everything" release. That's right, just about everything SL3 ever recorded is on this. Live, studio, candid, etc… it's all here! Features The Slogettes on a few numbers. Includes "I Knew You When You Were Sperm", "Pizza Dead Zone", "The Spam That I Am", "Wild Pickle", "Berger King", "Political Song", and more.

BL8701 - GNEEBNAZIX - A Sinful Appendix From The Bowels Of Helsinki
(out of print)
Recorded during the summer of the cicadas, the Iran-Contra affair, and the foul turkey dilemma. This release, the third Gneebnazix album, has more freedom of experimentation due to the fact that the band bought more interesting equipment. Includes "The Last Question", "Appendful", "Lard Tooth", "A Dill Pickle In King Arthur's Court", and "Malicious Gearbox".


BL8603 - BURRIED DROOG - self titled EP
(out of print)
The second release from Burried Droog. Features live and studio recordings. Includes "Man In The Mirror", "Drinking Song", and "It's No Fun Being On The Cross".

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Gneebnazix-Pop_Culture BL8602 - GNEEBNAZIX - Pop Culture For Bored Mutants
(out of print)
The second release from Gneebnazix. More of the same. Includes "Zuccinni Protest", "Burinkempah", "I Wonder What She Thinks", and "Welcome To Warburger".
Gneebnazix-Everyone BL8601 - GNEEBNAZIX - Everyone is Ugly Up Close
(out of print)
The first release from this experimental Residents/Butthole Surfers/Minds Eye influenced studio band. This release takes stabs at surrealism, comedy, poetry, politics, bad Latin music, horror movies, and the love of everything from hamsters to fat boys with dirty faces. The Baltimore Music Review called it "…a pretty weird tape". Includes "Stuff I Like", "P.M.R.C.", "Bean's Dream", "If I Had A Bomb", "Hangnail", and "Thoughts Of A Grapefruit Sunbathing Naked In The Grass". A classic release!

BL8502 - The Paw Squared
(out of print)
Two Paws, with four paws combined (not counting their feet), making some music with minimal equipment. Includes "Somebody Slipped Me Some Acid", and a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "Some Kind Of Wonderful".


BL8501 - BURRIED DROOG - Up Against The Odds
(out of print)
The first studio tape from one of Baltimore's early hardcore-esque bands. Seven hardcore oriented experimental garage rock punk tunes focusing on peace, teenage rebellion, and depression. Featuring members of Trud, Fallen Angel and Thee Katatonix. Includes "Positive", "Sick Pup", "Life Story", and more.

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Slug_Log_3-tape BL8401 - SLUG LOG 3 - Not A Demo, Just A Tape
(out of print)
A collection of early demo recordings produced in Toad's Basement when the SL3 duo were in their original pre-Slogettes era. Simple vocal/guitar only versions of "Piggy", "Grandma", "Running Through The Weeds", and more.


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